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The company Sezamo.ro can connect with all suppliers via classic EDI or via WebEDI to exchange orders, delivery notes and invoices.

Do you have your own EDI solution?

If you are using EDI already, you can easily connect with Sezamo.ro and start exchanging electronic documents.


Is EDI a new thing for you?

Not using EDI yet? Never mind. Register at the webEDI portal, courtesy of Sezamo.ro, and simplify your document exchange.


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How does WebEDI work?

WebEDI is a web-based system with which you can receive orders and create and send delivery notes and invoices with just a few mouse clicks. The data for this is taken from the purchase order, as well as your master data and can be customized by you.

Advantages of WebEDI

There is no installation necessary.
It is very easy to use and you are up and running within one business day.
The system is provided free of charge.
You will continue to receive email notification and an order summary via email, which includes a link to the order directly in the system.
Delivery notes and pallet labels are automatically generated and can be printed with a few mouse clicks.
Invoices and delivery bills are sent directly to Sezamo.ro with just a few mouse clicks.
Optimization of your own processes.

Further advantages of working with Sezamo.ro

Automatically ensure that data is transferred correctly.
Delivery notes become electronically readable and lead to a high level of transparency throughout the entire delivery process.
Invoices can be assigned more quickly and reach the responsible department without detours.

GRiT is a technological partner for electronic document interchange with Sezamo.ro ensuring comprehensive services including the intergration of suppliers.

WebEDI is a solution for electronic document interchange supplied by Sezamo.ro free of charge.
If you are not using EDI yet, please fill out the form that follows.

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"WebEDI simplifies our processes. We no longer have to create delivery notes and pallet labels manually, but instead just click on "Send" and "Print" which will create and transmit them both automatically. Invoices are also created and sent with a few mouse clicks."

Local farm

Sezamo.ro contact person

Andreea Dan
e-mail: supplychain@sezamo.ro

Customer support of GRiT

The supplier of EDI communication services for Sezamo.ro is GRiT, a company that provides comprehensive services including the integration of suppliers.

e-mail: rohlik.support@grit.eu
tel.: +420 553 610 317

About GRiT

Czech software company that has been specializing in the digitization and automation of company processes since 1992. We are a leader in the field of electronic document interchange (EDI) on the Czech market and a recognized provider of cloud services.

We offer our services in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia. GRiT provides comprehensive services in development, consulting and solution implementation for the digitization, processing and archiving of documents, logistical solutions (warehouse management systems) and other services for companies all around Europe.